The musicians’ Worlds

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“The Leader of the Band is tired and his eyes are growing old.” A line from the song Leader of the Band goes. Music is truly good for the soul. Plants thrive when you play music to them. Animals dance when they hear music they liked well maybe the trained ones only. I stand corrected.

Musical instruments, audio accessories and amps you can find online in many different musical instruments stores. You want one particular brand from a specific online store? Especially the most wanted fender at launchpad s. You can find all the Fender guitars, amps and band accessories online. From the cheapest and the ones in promotional sales you can have it all.

On a whim I bought a nephew one Fender guitar. He was only five years old then. The father my older brother because his son now owns a Fender guitar brought him to a music school in our town. He secretly coveted a Fender guitar when he was young he was elated his young son now owns one.

It is not easy for him to show his feelings since our father went away and never returned. He just gave me a bear hug so intense I secretly went to the city for an x-ray a few days after. I was in fear a rib broke in the course of the bear hug. Well it lasted for almost five minutes my mind went hazy. I have a plan on buying my nephew Fender amps. Maybe I’ll hide for a month after giving it to him.