How to Make a Bachelor Pad Living Room

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The living room is the most important part of your house and probably the most famous. It is where your guest can spend most of their time during parties and get together or even visiting you on a holiday and it is also the place where you get to relax and enjoy the comfort and leisure of your time after work.

Step 1: Understand the size of your living room

Yes, you should understand rather than know the size of your room to be able to picture out what you really needed in the living room that is essential. If you have a larger floor space, then you can put almost anything that you wanted. However, a smaller space living room needs to have careful planning based on what to put into the room and not over crowding it. You can minimize the number or couches that you have or take out those barbells and treadmills. That would be too manly and you will be over crowding the room. Instead try clearing the floor area and have one couch and your leisure chair.

Step 2: Making the room look larger and Improvise

To make the space look even larger, you can have your TV set on the wall and have a wall cabinet instead of a stand out cabinet. The best thing about a bachelor pad is how luxurious and elegant it looks. You may think that purchasing cool and manly stuff would make your pad look better but it would actually cost you more than what you can do to make it happen. The thing is you don’t have to purchase more appliances or furniture just to make it look luxurious and elegant. You can set up a simple room and make it look good by getting your personal stuff as decorations such as your guitar, an organ, some paintings that you did and many more.

Step 3: Coloring

You might think that all bachelors pad has dark wall colors or has darker shades of blue. Well, the best color for a bachelors pad is to go white. This is often the best choice for men as it creates a clean and luxurious look. With white walls, you are encouraging simplicity with style depending on the type of furniture and ornaments you have. You can also choose black or darker colors for your cabinets and chairs as it will definitely stand out with the white wall that you have.