How to Treat and Remove Algae from Swimming Pools

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Contamination of algae in your swimming pool can quickly alter it from fresh and clean to a living nightmare. This is evidenced by the green discoloration in the pool and a greenish icky suspension. Though eliminating it can be a hassle, with the proper steps, you can have that clear and clean pool that you want to dive in. Without much ado, here is how to treat it.

Removal of The Algae

The first step involves scooping the suspended algae on the pool using the net you use to clean it from leaves and other dirt. You can also try scrubbing the sides and bottom with a brush that has powerful bristles. This will significantly lessen the amount of visible algae. However, keep in mind that you still need to treat the pool to eliminate the problem.

Maintain The Water’s pH Level

Target the level of 7.2 to 7.6 as this is the normal range. Anything above or below this range will make it hard for the treatment to work. Test the pH level of the water first and work your way from there.

Put A Chlorine Pool Shock

High levels of chlorine will quickly eliminate or kill any organism in the water, thus making your algae problems disappear. Take note that only chlorine-based shocks can do this as it was made specifically for this situation. It usually only takes 24 hours for it to work, but if the condition does not improve after that time, you can repeat the process. This can be done repeatedly.

Vacuum To Clean

When the algae transforms from green to grey/white, it is a good sign because it indicates that it is dead. Once that is done, clean everything by vacuuming the pool. Do not forget to do the same for the filter to completely eradicate the problem.

Having algae in the swimming pool is a pesky problem for all owners, whether it be a private property or for public use. Once you have done everything indicated, continue pool maintenance by placing chemicals like algaecide every week or during routine cleanup. This will ensure that algae contamination will not reoccur.