Hyperactive Brother and the Great Microphone Hunt

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I’m looking for a deluxe memory man but I can’t seem to find one. My mom asked me to do so because my crazy little brother ran up the stage, tripped and brought his school’s microphone stand down with him. As always, he was trying to be star of the show, jumping around. I guess we should have strapped him to his seat but mom just wouldn’t allow me to do that. Well, fine, I guess. Let’s not be cruel to animals and risk PETA coming after us.

Kidding aside, I really wish my brother would learn to behave while we’re out in public. I could tolerate him being crazy at home since it’s our turf, but please not outside as well. It’s really embarrassing with him creating a ruckus wherever we go. We had him tested in case he had ADHD but results turned out negative. His pediatrician says it’s just a stage in a kid’s life to be hyperactive, especially little boys.