Revive Your Wood Floor To Its Former Glory

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Underneath all your stuff, carpet, and dirt is wood flooring that you have not laid eyes on for years. Before tearing it of completely in place of a new one, you may want to consider refinishing it instead. You will save money, plus this is an entertaining project. Here is how you can breathe new life to wood flooring.

Simple Steps To Refinish Wood Flooring:

  1. Remove all the furniture’s, entertainment system, and stuff that you have on the floor before doing this process as you do not want to have them covered in dust. If you have carpeting or rugs on the floor, get rid of it as well so you will have an easy access to the wood flooring, and see what kind of state it is in. If you are concerned about dust escaping, it is better to seal the vents with tapes.
  2. Make sure that the nails are not sticking out from the wood flooring so it will not cause injuries or damage your sanding materials. Sink it down by hammering it properly. Also, if the wood flooring was formerly carpeted and you removed that, there may be staples or tack left on the floor. Again, remove them all.
  3. There are two ways to prep the wood flooring. You can either scrape them manually, or utilize a sander that you can buy from stores near you, or even borrow from a friend. The latter is recommended since it will do a better job clearing the wood flooring. Just make sure to practice on another area so you will do it properly.
  4. After the sanding process you will see a lot of grime, dust, and dirt collected on the floor. You can sweep, mop, or vacuum to completely remove them.
  5. The last process involves repainting the wooden flooring with your chosen finish. By this time, remove the sealant on your vents so the paint will dry faster. For shine, you can polish the flooring with wax after the paint completely dried off.

The wood flooring that you have still has life in it yet. Revive it by following the simple steps above. You can also hire professionals to do this for you if you do not have enough time in your hands.