DIY Professional Makeup Station

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In a simpler time, a room in a home was dedicated as a place to prepare for the day ahead. It also provided a relaxing space to reflect. However, in a modern time with increasing land prices and the cost of building homes, such spaces have become luxuries. However, if you are interested in a taste of luxury, a DIY makeup station in your bedroom or bathroom can provide a comparable experience.


The first thing to decide is where your makeup station is going to be. This will ultimately decide its size and facilities. If possible, place it against a wall with a comfortable amount of space either side. If you have a large walk-in closet, this would be the ideal placement. However, in the bathroom or even the bedroom will be more than suitable.

Keep It Classic

Instead of using something from a flatpack store, head to your local ‘trash and treasure’ and find a relatively inexpensive antique vanity table. Next, you will need a mirror. For this, your best choice is to have something cut to size. The bigger, the better, however, be sure that it doesn’t dwarf the appearance of your vanity table.


Of course, if you will be doing your makeup then you need to ensure you are well lit. In place of large bulbs, LED strip lighting around the border of the mirror provides an effective level of lighting without taking up too much space.

Out of Sight, out of Mind

If your makeup station is going to be visible, it’s important that you keep it clean and well kept. If you regularly enjoy visits to hair and nail salons or even a botox studio, a storage place to keep your in between lotions and creams is crucial. If you are limited in your space, look for a spacious yet minimal travel or overnight bag which you can easily store underneath your makeup station to store your personal items in between use.

Where to Sit

Of course, you can’t do your makeup standing up. Look for a stylish and small stool with a comfortable cushion, or an older one which you can bring back to life and reupholster. The key to your makeup stool is to make it as comfortable as possible.

Get Creative

Lastly, finish it off with some personal touches. Small gems scattered around the border of the table or painted highlights of your favorite color around the mirror are great ways to personalize your space. After all, it is your space.

If you have been longing for a small piece of your home to call your own, however, feel like your limited space is preventing you from achieving it, a simple and small makeup station such as this is ideal.