Different Looks For The Concrete Floors

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Concrete floors have always been favored because of its resilience. However, some people stay away from it because it comes out as boring. Dull, gray, and monotonous are some of the words that often come to mind. But that is where we need to draw the line. Resilient as it may be, concrete flooring do not have to be bland.

Looks To Try For Concrete Flooring:

Stained and Distressed- Acid stained concrete is very popular due to its unique design. Compared to the naturally grey outcome, it features patterns, markings, and a cloud like look that is very beautiful and one of a kind. It is polished and elegant too, making it appear like marble. But make no mistake, the stained variety of concrete is far cheaper to achieve for the property.

Concrete With Graphics- Turn your flooring into a piece of art by having graphics on it. It can be painted on, designed with stencil, and so many other things. The outcome is dependent on your personal taste. You can make the area look like a basketball court for all you want. Just make sure to reapply the paint once it has worn out.

Neutral Finish- Concrete flooring can come in colors other than gray or black. You can use more subdued tones, depending on what you need for the space. This is good if you just want flooring that works without the excess design.

Concrete Borders- You can combine concrete with your wooden, tiled, or marble floor by using the former as a border. This is not only ideal inside the house, but outside as well, especially leading to your garden. This will give the place a tastefully done look. To make it more unique, add markings on the concrete. It will put more flavors to the floor. Remember that in design, details are everything.

Concrete does not immediately mean cold and dull. While people automatically think of prison, unnatural, and industrial when using it, that is not always the case. Choose the better path and try the different looks available for concrete. You will never regret it.