How To Add A Feminine Touch To The House

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Having a dash of feminine touch to any space will make the room cozier and more attractive. Some bachelors are considering this style because it attracts more female guests. Whether or not you fall in these criteria, here are several ways to liven up the space and make it more inviting for everyone, even your male friends.

Use Floral Elements

Floral does not necessarily mean that you have to cover the room with flowery designs. However, it will be livelier if the pattern is seen here and there. You can try using floral designed fabrics for your pillows. It can also be present as a design for the lamp, a section of the wall, borders, and even the center piece for your table instead of a candle. Some of your male buddies may not approve, but wait till your lady friend comes over. She will be thrilled.

Make Use Of Soft Materials

Women like it soft. They like feeling the soft fabric on the sofa, the bed, even the mantle of your table. Males tend to skimp on the pillows on the sofa, but girls definitely like that when staying on somebody else’s house. It brings comfort and joy to them. With that said, use soft elements and scatter it all over the house, sofa included.

Up The Curve

Men tend to stick to hard lines, linear design, etc. Women on the other hand love curves. Think of a woman’s body. In this regard, use curves instead of hard edges. This can be applied to the counter, table, designs, and overall layout of the room.

Play With The Color Palette

Forgo the black, grey, white, and blue for a while. Think of red, yellow, purple, and other colors in the spectrum. Adding those colors to your home will not only bring out the feminine side of the place, it also make things more cheerful and entertaining, instead of cold and industrial.

If you are having a hard time with this, you can ask a lady friend’s help. You can also get your mom or sister to pitch in. After all, who better to ask about these things than female themselves?